Featured Artists

Annette Barbier

Barbier’s oeuvre focuses, broadly speaking, on estrangement from the natural world.

Collin Bunting

A collaboration of poetry and fabric + costume design

Sara Peak Convery

Sara Peak Convery is a painter and filmmaker who draws inspiration for her work from photography and family history.

Tracy Ostmann Haschke

Painting + alternative media artworks

Barbara Koenen

Paintings, Works on Paper, Installations

Stephanie Benhamu

Large-scale abstract landscapes with representational elements

Bill Groot

Latimer Furniture

Custom furniture and woodworking

Dutes Miller

Collages, artists books and phallic sculptures

Katie Mills

One-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry designed for the everyday

Andy Young

Paintings + Sculptures

Bridget Bolger

Pen, brush and ink drawings

Lacy Coligan

Ink + Acrylics + Unintentionalism

Stacey Lee Gee

Peter Gray

I capture the aesthetics of genetics, microbiology, & physics in bronze and steel sculptures. My goal is to create something that has both an aesthetic value as a sculpture and then also leads to further questioning by the viewer.

Tim McMillan

Tim creates quilted and embroidered tapestries that depict anthropamorphic and naturalized figures slipping between quotidian and extraordinary narratives.

Jessica Pierotti

Jessica Pierotti is an interdisciplinary artist who's work investigates power dynamics through themes of control, anxiety, desire, and femininity.

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